CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Manage Rental, Customer and After Sales Services.

Increase the number and quality of your leads.

Manage all sales stages, from initial contact with leads, to proposal preparation and after sales services with Naryaz.

Establish a customer-centered structure system with Naryaz that will directly affect profitability in the process that starts with the planning of the meetings of the customers and extends to after-sales satisfaction measurements.


  • Customer Management and Business Development
  • Address Records
  • Customer and Supplier information
  • Address Groups
  • Meeting Records
  • Reminders
  • Stop List
  • Document and Image Storage
  • Authorization
  • Alert Reports
  • Log Tracking
  • Survey Module
  • SMS
  • Lead Management
  • Work Orders
  • Industries
  • Report Templates
  • Management Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Dinamik Raporlama
  • CRM Definitions
  • Announcements

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