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Before You Begin ...

JupiCar is a Web (cloud) based application. To access your JupiCar account, you must have an internet connection. The data you enter into JupiCar is kept in the cloud and you can access it at any time and at any place via computer, tablet or smartphone.

JupiCar will not use or disclose the personal data of its users to third parties in any way whatsoever, except as outlined by the privacy policy. Our site has security measures to prevent the loss, abuse or alteration of information under our control.

As a result of the experience and reputation that NARYAZ has had since 1986, you can use JupiCar safely like many car rental companies, and you can speed up your rentals!

The data entered in JupiCar is kept on the Web (cloud servers). It is reliable in terms of data storage. This data can be conveniently accessed at any time or place as long as it has internet access via computer, tablet or smart phone.

JupiCar is a Web (cloud) based application. To access your JupiCar account, you must have an internet connection. The data you enter into JupiCar is kept in the cloud and you can access it at any time and at any place via computer, tablet or smartphone.

No. JupiCar is a cloud-based service that you pay as you use it, without any software / hardware investment or setup. Just use your computer or mobile phone with your internet connection.

Click the "FREE TRIAL" button on the home page. Enter the required information in the registration form provided. You can try the application free of charge for 14 days after activating your account by clicking on the link in the e-mail address. If you decide to buy during or after your free trial period, you can choose one of our 1 year, 2 years and 3 years packages from the "PURCHASING PAGE" and continue where you left off with JupiCar.

JupiCar is designed very user friendly, so that any internet user can easily follow the road map. It does not require any training since it is easy to use and the interface is simple. However, if you need, you can get 2 hours of free training with remote access.

The trial is available in English, German and Turkish by default. But if you require a different language we will activate this language for you based on the Google Translate API once you have completed your subscription.

JupiCar's Features

JupiCar has an integration into the KABIS system.

However, KABIS application varies from time to time and there may be interruptions on the KABIS side during connection.

The accuracy of the data transferred to the KABIS system is the responsibility of the user. JupiCar provides this service for the convenience of the user. The results of this service and / or decisions taken on the basis of this service, shall not be liable for the financial, moral, legal and financial results that may arise directly or indirectly from the works performed, therefore the gains and losses that may occur.

The number of vehicles specified is the total number of vehicles in active status. In other words; it is the sum of the vehicles that are active in your fleet, vacant, in use or transferred by the personnel. It does not include the passive vehicles that are totaled, sold and went out the fleet. Passive vehicles can be stored as archives.

If your number of vehicles increase, you can continue using the software by upgrading your number of vehicles. The date on which the number of vehicles is increased is considered to be the new start date of the new period. If your duration of use have not yet expired, you will be charged for the new period, taking into consideration your usage.

There is no user limit since JupiCar is web based. As many users as you want can connect to JupiCar. It is free to use for your branches and your franchisees over the Internet.

Responsive design is a Web design that is compatible with the screen sizes where users have a good viewing experience no matter what type of device they are using. So when you enter from tablet, smart phone or computer, the screens automatically become compatible with that device without enlargement or reduction.

Mobile compatibility is the compatibility between your website and the mobile devices that your visitors use. The texts, images and visual layout in the web site are in exactly the same as the screen of the smart devices.

On April 21, 2015, Google announced a new algorithm to move mobile-friendly websites to the top. The key words entered will lead to higher rankings on mobile-supported sites, and sites that are not mobile-friendly will be in lower order, so it?s important that your site is Mobile-Compatible.

JupiCar's Rent A Car program is mobile-friendly just like JupiCar's Web site. For this reason, you and your customers can use JupiCar comfortably in all mobile environments without the need for a separate mobile application. On request, iOS and Android mobile apps can be written.


Your data is stored on our servers and managed by the data center with the highest security standards. In this way, you are protected by high security measures against external influences and systemic collisions like cyber attacks. In addition, we take precautions against any unfavorable situation by daily backups.

You can always get your data in Excel format.

The storage of credit card data depends on the conditions specified by law. You can keep credit card data on those systems by receiving services from external service providers providing Virtual POS service.


Our Customer Service team is at your disposal with unlimited and free support throughout your use of JupiCar. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to or by telephone from +90-216-455-56-27 between 09.30 and 17.00 on weekdays.

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