Why JupiCar ?

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Unlimited Users

There is no user limit since JupiCar is web based. Your car rental software allows connections as many users as you want. It is free to use for your branches and your franchisees over the Internet.

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Cloud-based Software

Accessible anywhere, on the cloud and on your mobile devices. There is no need to install any additional software or hardware.

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Effective Access Control

Only those who you want them to access can access your Car Rental System and its contents. You are in control of your car rental program and your Rent A Car Web Site.

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Pay as much as you use your Car Rental System. Do not struggle against the IT costs. Instead, start using the system now and produce your own value!

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Automatic Software Updates

Software updates, program development processes according to the law changes are done automatically. Your Car Rental Software is always up to date.

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All in One Solution

Starting with the smallest package, Rent a Car Software, Mobile compatible and Integrated Web site and Mobile applications are all in one solution.

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User friendly

You can start your JupiCar, easy rent a car software, by following the road map step by step or by having a short training.

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Perfect Integration

Car Rental Program, Web Site, Collections, After Sales Services and others are not separate applications but different aspects of car rental business. With JupitCar once you enter the data, you can use it everywhere.

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Always By You

We respond quickly to all your requests, and offer corporate support. You will never feel alone. Support is included for your Car Hire Automation!

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